LSW Drachenklaue Font All right! New font. I actually wanted to do something different at first (a true font you know one that’s usable with real letters) but that will have to wait because it takes soooooo much time! Download

LSW Drachenklaue Font

Ulfilas Font Family Ulfilas (after Bishop Wulfila the creator of the Gothic alphabet) is the most extensive of my Gothic fonts. There are four typefaces: standard bold italic and bold-italic. To allow writing in programs that dont support the high Gothic Unicode range (as for example MS Word) the Gothic characters are mapped to the … Read more

Ulfilas Font Family

Silubr Font Silubr (Goth. “silver”) is a bold and contrasting Gothic uncial script related to the hand script of ancient Gothic codices. Its name is derived from the silver ink used for the Codex Argenteus. Silubr is probably the most original of all the fonts offered here. It includes 35 characters. This is quite a … Read more

Silubr Font