Polygon Photoshop Action

Polygon Photoshop Action

Polygon Photoshop Action For Free Download

  • Re-light and color your image using the colors from any photo you choose. Demonstrated at 7:05 of the video tutorial
  • Rotate the image you are using to color and light your design into any position. Every rotation will create a unique look to your design. Demonstrated at 10:25 of the video tutorial
  • Choose from 7 levels of polygon detail
  • Use and color the wire frames separately
  • Control the brightness/contrast of different tonal ranges in your design
  • Apply glows to the highlights of your design with one click
  • Choose from 30 color options
  • Use a transparent image to apply the effect to

The Action uses Photoshop’s 3D capabilities and the Oil Paint filter, please ensure you have a compatible graphics card. You can learn more about Photoshop’s GPU recommendations here. 

To ensure you can use Photoshop 3D, open any photo and go to the menu ‘3D’. If the top menu item ‘New 3D Layer From File…’ is clickable, then you are set up to use Photoshop 3D.

To ensure you can use the Oil Paint filter, open a photo and ensure the document color mode is set to RGB (Go to the menu ‘Image Mode’ to check this). Next, go to the menu ‘Filter Stylize’. If the ‘Oil Paint’ option is clickable, then you are setup to use the Oil Paint filter.

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