Horizon Font

Horizon Font
Horizon Font

Horizon is one of the versatile fonts that can be used on various platforms and is compatible with a magnitude of designs. Horizon fonts are clean, powerful, and bold fonts designed by Alberto Fontense. It is known for offering a clean, bold, and powerful feel. This font is suitable for websites, product packaging, pamphlets, or over any background image of your choice. Moreover, it is compatible with multilingual platforms and ends up giving any template a stylish look with its clean and crisp finish. Get your own horizon font download at GraphicUX today! 

Horizon Font

Font Information

NameHorizon Font.
StyleSans serif.
DesignerAlberto fontense.
File FormatOTF, TTF
Font LicenceFree for Personal use.
TypeFree Version.

horizon font character sets

  • basic latin
  • numbers & symbols
  • latin-1 supplement
  • latin extended-a

Download Horizon Font Free At Graphix Ux

The first typeface was a Blackletter variety used by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 since then typefaces have evolved tremendously. Horizon fonts are inspired by the Babylon 5 opera television series based on some of the signage and props from the show. Once you download horizon fonts, this thick and highly stylized font can be used on various platforms like websites, banners, e-cards, brochures, etc. 

Reasons To Download Horizon Fonts From Graphic UX?

Graphic UX brings you a huge variety of fonts and allows free font download on a huge scale. With the growing popularity of the Horizon Font due to its strong feel and versatile usage, it is a great font that can be used on various platforms and Graphic UX offers you the best of this font for absolutely free.

Where Can We Use  Horizon Font?

The possibility with this versatile font is endless. The stylish letters that are the foundation of this font can be used on a wide spectrum like websites, pamphlets, brochures, product packaging and more. Get Horizon Font Free at Graphic UX to deliver an eye-catching design to the consumer. A famous San Serif font type face with 5 fonts and multilingual support.

Free Font Download At Graphic UX

A cornucopia of fonts all under one roof absolutely free. Graphic UX allows you to experience the most versatile and credible typeface with Free Font downloads. From the industry leading fonts to fonts that can make your website and product marketing more interesting and profitable, by letting you engage more customers. Deliver the right emotions of your brand with a font that resonates with it. Explore to find the best font for your brand cost-free.


What Is Horizon Font & What Makes It Unique?

Horizon font is one of the bold and powerful San serif fonts that is usually used to raise powerful emotions into the consumers. It is a versatile font compatible with various media platforms. The typeface designed by Alberto Fontense is popular and widely used among all kinds of business related domains. You can download Horizon Font from Graphic UX for free as it is suitable for both design and official programs.

How can I use Horizon font in my design projects?

If you are looking to create something elegant and vocal, Horizon font can come in handy. It can be used on various mediums and platforms. Since Graphic UX provides Horizon font free download it is easier to include it in your designs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Is Horizon Font Compatible With All Operating Systems & Software? Horizon Fonts vary in style from light to bold. The density of this font and the different styles it can be used in makes it feasible for different desktop and operating systems. Once you opt for our free font download you can easily use it on an array of mediums to get the best outcome.

How Do I Install Horizon Font On My Computer?

You can visit our website GraphicUX.com and search for the Horizon font and download it for your computer. If you opt for free horizon font download you can easily do it by checking whether the file is zipped or not. If it is a zipped file right click the zip folder and extract the file. Right click the font you need and click install.

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