Warfighter Photoshop Action


Warfighter Photoshop Action for free download

Warfighter Photoshop Action

Add intense action in your image with Warfighter Photoshop Action. Surround your subject with smoke, fire and particles for a dramatic war-like action look. Creating this effect from an image would take hours in the hands of a specialist. Now you can do it in a few clicks. There are over 10 smoke/fire/particle layers to customize with multiple color options. For even more control, all the smoke/particles/lights can be repositioned wherever you want in the scene. The required image size is around 3000-4000px on the long edge.

Combine actions

If you purchased multiple actions, have you thought about stacking the effects to create even more advanced designs? Below there are some of my actions to choose from ? this is where you can get really creative!

How do I combine actions?

  1. Run the first action on your desired photo.
  2. Once you are happy with the design, save your image out.
  3. Now re-open your image and run another action!

This way, you can combine multiple effects in a single image to build highly detailed designs with very little effort.

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