VSCO Style Travel Lightroom Presets

VSCO Style Travel Lightroom Presets

Utilize our VSCO Style Travel Lightroom Presets to start out on a visual vacation. These trip presets transform your photographs into a world of timeless adventure and wanderlust, drawing inspiration from the legendary VSCO film presets. These presets give your photos the distinctive and in-demand VSCO style, whether you’re photographing magnificent landscapes, bright cityscapes, or priceless vacation experiences.

Our VSCO Style trip Lightroom Presets enrich your trip photos with a harmonic blending of tones, textures, and colors. They are created to express the spirit of adventure. Each setting has been painstakingly designed to capture the spirit of your trip experiences, from warm, sun-kissed tones that mimic golden hour to deep, somber tones that emphasize the dramatic atmosphere.

See how easily our presets can turn your photographs into visual stories, and how convenient and creative they are to use. You may get the recognizable VSCO appearance, which has come to be associated with travel and adventure, with just one click. Enhance your photos with film-like grain, true film tones, and subtle color grading to better capture the atmosphere of the locations you’ve been.

Our VSCO Style trip Lightroom Presets are a must-have tool to maximize the potential of your trip photography, regardless of whether you are an expert travel photographer, an eager hobbyist, or an active explorer. With a consistent and eye-catching look, take your viewers on an engrossing trip through colorful landscapes, busy cities, and tranquil locations.

These presets are adaptable and simple to use, compatible with Adobe Lightroom, guaranteeing a smooth editing process for photographers of all skill levels. Your vacation photos will exude an irresistible charm and inspire viewers’ wanderlust with our VSCO Style vacation Lightroom Presets.

With our trip Lightroom Presets, you can bring the VSCO aesthetic to life and realize the full potential of your trip photographs. Let your photos serve as a visual travelogue for the exciting experiences and breathtaking places you’ve visited. Bring your travel photography to new levels and inspire individuals who see your eye-catching work to see the world.

Do not work well on

  • Underexposed images
  • Over Exposed Images
  • Low Quality Photos

Presets Name 1.Jetsetter’s Tones 2.Globetrotter’s Delight 3.Free Spirit Films 4.Nomad’s Vision 5.Travel Chronicles 6.Escapist Emulsion 7.Worldly Wanderlust 8.Wandering Aesthetics 9.Vagabond Vibes 10.Travel Filmatic


  • 10 Lightroom Presets
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4-7, Classic & CC Versions
  • One –click fully-automated Lightroom filters (no user input required)
  • Fully adjustable Lightroom Presets
  • Fully compatible with JPG and RAW Images
  • Compatible with both a Mac and PC
  • Detailed installation instructions included
  • Instant download. Easy to use/setup
  • Lifetimes FREE Product Updates.

COMPATIBLE WITH Windows & Mac: Adobe Lightroom 4-7, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Lightroom Mobile

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