Vokr: Coins & Chips Factory

Vokr: Coins & Chips Factory

Vokr: Coins & Chips Factory For Free Download

VOKR is the only thing you need to create stunning realistic coins/chips/in-app-purchase icons for your projects. Working with smart objects and actions, you only need to custom a single smart object and then play an actions. The result is 21+ coins generated in many different angles, animated-ready (spinning and flipping), also 18 icons set. Each in 1024, 512, 256, 128,64 and 32 pixel size!

The smart object contained with well-managed layers, super easy to customize:

  • 11 Chips patterns with editable color and bars.
  • 3 Coin default shapes, or you can add your own.
  • 20 international currency symbols.
  • 8 cryptocurrency symbols.
  • 6 common symbols.

What you will get:

  • 1 Photoshop files (psd).
  • 1 Actions file (atn).
  • 1 Guideline file (pdf).

Not only that, by activating the Generate Image Assets, it will automatically export and save 45 beautiful assets directly into your folder!
It’s really a time saver!

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