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The Classic Presets – Classic CineStock Profiles for Lightroom

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    Tue Apr 11 2023
The Classic Presets - Classic CineStock Profiles for Lightroom

The Classic Presets – Classic CineStock Profiles for Lightroom

Ever since ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou‘ digital color grading became a serious topic within motion picture. Our favorite movies, all of the series we devour on Netflix and make us tumble tiredly into the office every other morning – all of them have their distinct looks which support their visual impression, their stories, their magic.

The Classic CineStock Profiles do not simply illustrate movies. They make use of color theories and color patterns which we associate with our fabulous visits to the movies. These cautiously designed profiles bring off perfectly accomplished looks, which moreover give room for an enormous range of correction possibilities, which makes these profiles not only a finely tuned tool but a potential base for your own unique looks.

50 profiles create a wide range of several looks, no matter if you are looking for natural or teal and orange looks, you will always find the color schemes we all know and love from the movies. This time we do not provide pure camera profiles as with the Classic K14 and ECN2 presets. The Classic CineStock Profiles make use of a new option to use LUTs associated with Adobe’s camera profiles, which has ben introduced in Lightroom Classic CC 7.3. What you do in Photoshop or DaVinci Reslove can only be transferred to Lightroom as a static look. Every camera that is supported by Lightrooom can make use of these profiles. Of course they work with Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera RAW as well