Technica v2 Font Family

Technica v2 Font Family - 18 Fonts

Technica v2 Font Family – 18 Fonts

Do you remember a typeface called Meccanica? I didn’t think so. Well, it was pretty unique – too unique for most people’s tastes it seems. Anyway, this is Technica, Meccanica’s more conservative little brother. Essentially, this typeface is a geometric sans that retains the structure of Meccanica, but tones down most of the hexagonal elements. The chamfered terminals are retained, but sharpened, and a more technical approach is instilled with each glyph being fine-tuned for optimal performance and aesthetics. The result is a refined sans serif that has enough personality to differentiate itself from the myriad of others available – undoubtedly, Technica will deliver a distinctive tone to your own typographic designs. Key features: • 9 weights in Roman and Italic • Western European character set (Adobe Latin 1) • 250+ glyphs per font

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