Cartoon - Photoshop Action

Cartoon – Photoshop Action Some basic settings Photoshop Work only with ENGLISH language photoshop Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color (Go to Image/Mode and check the RGB color and 8 Bits/Channel). Set the Opacity brush and flow to 100% (Select Brush Tool and move Opacity and Flow slider to 100%). Be sure the photo set Background from … Read more

Cartoon – Photoshop Action


3D Bundle – Photoshop Actions for free download Photoshop ver. CS3   CS4   CS5   CS6   CC   CC2014   CC2015   CC2015.5   CC2017   CC2018 Professional multifunctional Photoshop action transforms your text, vector shape, pixel layer, smart object, layer group into real 3D objects with a lot of options to customise and improve. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities. … Read more

3D Bundle – Photoshop Actions free


Random Glitch Square Photoshop Action for free download Run action you prefer. Merge all layers, go to Layers > Merge Visible or press Command (Mac) / Control (Win) + Shift + E. If necessary delete hidden layers and rename layer merged to ‘Background’. Now run another action. PHOTOSHOP CONFIGURATION: Use Photoshop english version; RGB color mode 8 … Read more

Random Glitch Square Photoshop Action free download


Artificial Intelligence One Photoshop Action for free download Artificial Intelligence One Photoshop Action Create this futuristic effect on your photos with just a few clicks. Make neat looking posters, ads, banners, presentations – save days of work. How cool is that? What’s included 1 .atn file (Action) 1 .pat file (Pattern) Help file The action … Read more

Artificial Intelligence One Photoshop Action free


Advance Rainbow Stripe Action for free download PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: Advance Rainbow Stripe Action Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: Feb. 23, 2013 Author: Charles Brown Items: – ATN file Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. Your main image stays unharmed and the final drawing is transparent, thereby giving … Read more

Advance Rainbow Stripe Action free download


Pixel Stream Photoshop Action for free download Pixel Stream is a Photoshop Action that creates an advanced pixel burst/scatter effect from an image. The action works on the area of the image you define by Brushing (the subject of the image). Every time you run the action an unique result will be produced, even if … Read more

Pixel Stream Photoshop Action