Josefin Slab Font Family Glad to introduce to you an impressive typeface slab. Introducing Josefin Slab Font Family! Josefin Slab designed by Typemade. Josefin Slab Font Family is a geometric typewriter inspired by classic fonts following the 1930s trend. This font family includes 10 styles and especially it has been shared on Google Fonts so you can … Read more

Josefin Slab Font Family

Yonky Slab Typeface Yonky Slab is a family of 8 neo-grotesque typefaces that I present in four weights: Light Regular Bold and Black plus their corresponding versions of true italics. They are typographies heiresses of the Egyptian types emerged at the beginning of S. XIX. ================================== FULL VERSION & COMMERCIAL LICENSE Download

Yonky Slab Typeface

Umba Slab Font Family Hi designer! It is a new font family with 20 fonts matching italics alternates & features. Introducing Umba Slab! It is designed and shared by Anita Jurgeleit. Umba Slab Font Family is a clean but eye-catching typeface designed by Anita Jürgeleit. It adds an amazing touch to your corporate design and titling by developing a … Read more

Umba Slab Font Family

NH Rail Slab Typeface Introducing NH Rail Font. It is designed by Von Type Co this is a premium font are sold on creativemarket but it was great it is free today for download. NH Rail Slab Typeface is an extra wide slab serif inspired by the old logo for the New Haven Railroad (1872-1968) created by … Read more

NH Rail Slab Typeface

Bondie Slab Serif Font Hi designer! If you are designing a logo or any other project this is a good choice. Introducing Bondie Slab Font. It is designed and shared by Craft Supply Co. Bondie Slab Serif Font is an Elegant Condensed – Condensed Slab serif with solid font files. it is based on the … Read more

Bondie Slab Serif Font

Magz Slab Font Introducing Magz Typeface. It is designed by Tapiwanashe Garikayi this is a premium font are sold on creativemarket but it was great it is free today for download. Magz Slab is a modern geometrically constructed slab serif font with subtle contrast between the horizontal and vertical weights. It is great for display purposes … Read more

Magz Slab Font

Desuka Slab Font “Desuka Font” – is an brand new slab serif family. This is a display fonts of geometric construction very vertical with extra condensed proportion for the creation of large titles with significant savings in horizontal space. Its designed and shared by emyself design. Desuka Slab Font is a modern unique and elegant … Read more

Desuka Slab Font

Hansel Slab Serif Font Dear Font Lovers! With vintage style the fonts are great for product logo wedding card logo clothing brand logo Vintage design and much more. Introducing Hansel Font. Hansel is a slab serif with 2 styles rough & textured nice applied in various products. Complete with multilingual characters and stalistic alternates. It … Read more

Hansel Slab Serif Font

Clab Font Family Clab Slab Serif Font is a modern unique and elegant serif font slab with reverse contrast perfect for branding packaging and editorial purposes! Clab an created by Eko Bimantara. Clab is meant for branding. The initial characters were build in bold and chunky personality yet the thin strokes and flowy italics gives … Read more

Clab Font Family

Finador Slab Font Family Hi all…!! This is a creative and vibrant slab serif typeface with strong personality and wide choice of weights! Introducing Finador Font! It’s a soft slab-serif family. It has a strong character and can be used for a lot of cases especially for editorial branding packaging and logos. The Slab version … Read more

Finador Slab Font Family

Winchester Condensed Font Hi all…!! This is a modern unique and elegant serif font slab. This font consists of 4 font styles! Introducing Winchester Font! This font is designed to recreate old typography and is best for logos and insignia designs. It’s sports soft geometric shapes wedge serifs and sharply-angled terminals. Quirky but versatile Winchester Condensed … Read more

Winchester Condensed Font