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Slurp Over Font

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    Mon Jun 12 2023

Slurp Over Font

Slurp Over Font is an ink handwritten typeface that combines vintage and modern styles into a captivating unity. It is created with the intention of bringing unique character, with a classic yet fresh and contemporary touch.

The story behind the creation of this font begins with our desire to create a typeface that merges the aesthetics of vintage with the dynamic style of the modern era. We are inspired by the beauty and allure of handwriting that combines traditional and innovative elements. We aim to create a font that evokes the warmth and authenticity of vintage handwriting, while providing a fresh and contemporary touch that aligns with the developments in modern design.

Slurp Over is the result of our exploration in creating a harmonious blend of vintage and modern elements. Each letter and character is filled with captivating curves that make a strong impression in designs. This font is suitable for various creative projects, such as branding, posters, merchandise, and more, where you want to create a unique, attractive, and captivating impression