Seraph Typeface Font

Seraph Typeface Font

Seraph Typeface Font

Seraphs is the latest brainchild of Bernd Volmer. It was born out of an ambitious idea: bringing together a patchwork type family of 18 different styles (and many more possible interpolations) into one variable font “dynasty” file.

The Seraphs family is available in three weights including light, regular and bold. Each weight offers six distinctive styles

Version 0.3 Notes

OCTOBER 7, 2019What’s New

Seraphs now supports all latin based european languages and contains more punctuation and symbols. 12 new styles were added — SemiBold weights as emphasize for the Light weights and Medium weights that are slightly heavier than the Regular weights. Last but not least I did some small adjustments here and there to improve existing outlines.What’s Next

Polishing outlines, fine-tune spacing and kerning

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