RICH & CLEAN Mobile Lightroom Presets

RICH & CLEAN Mobile Lightroom Presets

RICH & CLEAN Mobile Lightroom Presets

14 Lightroom Mobile Presets (.DNG) ✔ One-click automated Lightroom filters ✔ Detailed installation instructions included (Video & PDF) ✔ Instant Download


✔ Professional look within seconds ✔ Tan and glowing skin tones ✔ Dominant black color and edgy look ✔ High contrast photos with increased clarity ✔ Makes your IG feed stand out from the crowd ✔ Quick and easy to use with a free Lightroom Mobile App ✔ Lifetime purchase protection

☆ COMMON QUESTIONS ✔ Compatible with both iOS & Android ✔ Works well with photos shot with your iPhone or Android ✔ Works WITH & WITHOUT Adobe subscription


Sleek presets that will transform your everyday photos into PRO with just one click! Magical results with deep red and orange tones. Perfect for stylish photoshoots and urban photos. Get rid of the unwanted yellow tones and transform your images like never before. Created for Instagram users that want to take their account to the next level. Make your photos eye-catching today.


✔Save time. Quality edits on the go. Just upload the image on the phone, add preset and your photo is ready to be posted on Instagram. ✔Complete freedom. Presets are 100% customizable. After you apply the preset, you can still make your own changes: increase exposure, decrease highlights or add some whites. Everything is possible. ✔Take your Instagram to the next level. More reach. More engagement. More everything. ✔Make Instagram’s algorithm love you. Instagram is a highly visual platform. You need to capture people’s attention with your photos first