12 Elements Lightroom Preset Bundle

12 Elements Lightroom Preset Bundle

12 Elements Lightroom Preset Bundle

Give your photos a nice touch of nature with these 12 Lightroom preset bundle. Inspired by the Elements each of these presets will give your photos a natural vibe and fresh look. You’ll find a wide color scheme among this collection, try every single one of them and find the one that suits better with your photos. Go ahead and make your photos pop out in one click!

It perfectly fits for making photos more consistent and aesthetic, applying trending color palettes to give you a creative look to your feed. Must have for bloggers, photographers and adventure lovers! Awesome for photos taken with natural light. Works perfect on lifestyle, travel & nature photography. Tested on real-life photos and different devices.

W H A T Y O U’ L L G E T

12 Lightroom presets for desktop (.xmp) and mobile (.dng)

  • ELMT 01 (Clean, Deep Shadows & Matte)
  • ELMT 02 (Clean, Deep Shadows & Matte)
  • ELMT 03 (Clean, Deep Shadows & Matte)
  • ELMT 04 (Clean, Deep Shadows & Matte)

Made for Lightroom, syncing or to directly import, with mobile Lightroom App Compatible with .jpg, .png and .raw images (works better with .raw format)

Feel free to contact me for any support according to your order or using your presets. And please, remember that not all presets works great with every photo, use these presets to get yourself a starting point and feel free to make the necessary adjustments to get a better result. Have fun, and happy editing