Queen Emirates Font

Queen Emirates Font

Queen Emirates Font

Looking for a way to have multiple licenses for a single product? Look no further. On this page, we’ve made it easier for you to calculate the cost per license, according to your business needs. Simply enter the number of licenses you require and click the calculate button to view the price.

Most products offer gradual discounts when ordering a higher amount of licences.

Every license you purchase is for commercial-use, this is pretty straightforward. They can be used to create unlimited amounts of commercial projects for both print and web. This includes but is not limited to the creation of banners, magazines, videos, print, digital media, etc. This created work can be used/viewed/sold without limitations by you or your clients.

Just a few more important things to note…

The created work can be in any (file) format:
– If your client requires the actual font files, this can be achieved by purchasing a separate commercial license.

For example: your organisation creates a banner for a campaign with the purchased font. You can send the created banner to your customer and they can use it without limitations. If they would also like to receive the font file, they would need a separate license that can be ordered from this or the regular product page.

All licenses are perpetual licenses and are valid for an indefinite amount of time. So that’s forever and ever. It’s also good to know that the licenses are transferable between members of your organisation. This does not include 3rd party agencies, consultants, contractors and other members that work with your organisation but are not a part of it. These users will require their own license.

And finally, this license does not allow you to embed or include the font in any mobile or web-app

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