Pure Art Chalk Drawing free download free

Pure Art Chalk Drawing

Pure Art Chalk Drawing for free download

From the maker of “Creative Colored Pencil Drawing” comes the very best chalk image and text action you have ever seen. This package will professionally and precisely re-draw your image using one of the best chalk drawing techniques. All drawings are left transparent. Action will also automatically create a photo realistic chalk board. Package includes another action for text – it will turn any text or icon into an amazing 3d chalk drawing. This is a well-processed Photoshop action like none you have ever used!


  • Package name: Pure Art Chalk Drawing
  • Software version: Photoshop CS5
  • Copyright: Feb. 11, 2013
  • Author: Charles Brown


  • – ATN files
  • – PAT file
  • – ABR file
  • – ASL file
  • – PSD file
  • – ABR file
  • – TPL file
  • – JPEG file

Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need.

Your main image stays unharmed and the final drawing is transparent, thereby giving you the chance to place it on any background.


  • – Undergoes serious edge trace
  • – Unbeatable quality result
  • – Renders transparent drawing
  • – Precisely re-draws your image using one of the best chalk drawing techniques
  • – Automatically creates a realistic chalk board background with awesome bumps and feel
  • – Turns your text/icon into awesome 3d chalk drawing with cool segment

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