Pencilum Real Hand Drawn Photoshop Action free download

Pencilum  Real Hand Drawn

Pencilum Real Hand Drawn Photoshop Action for free download

Pencilum Description

Professional multifunctional Photoshop plugin transform your photos into real hand drawn and pencil sketch artworks. A lot of elements and options to customise and improve. Highly detailed results with a lot of possibilities. One click action. Video tutorial included.

From Action to Panel 
Now Pencilum became full-fledged plugin with native interface and a set of useful drawing and sketch functions.This is explosive combination of Photohop actions, javascripts, HTML & CSS, designed according to Adobe Guidelines and optimized for all Photoshop requirements and interface themes.

Easiest drag-and-drop installation 
Just drag-and-drop one installation file in your Photoshop and restart it. That’s all, plugin installed.

Drawing mode presets 
Choose drawing mode you need with just one click. Available 4 drawing modes and 3 additional useful tools.

Intellectual auto focus 
Try this new experimental function for automatic selection of focus area or/and to get for unexpected creative results.

Auto optimization 
Do not worry about your image settings now. Optimization function automatically prepares it for best final results.

Combine Actions

To build even more advanced artworks and creative designs you can try to combine this action with another Photoshop effect below. It’s really easy:

  1. Run the first action
  2. Save the result (jpg, tiff, psd)
  3. Open your saved file and run another action

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