PainterBox Soft Cartoon

PainterBox Soft Cartoon

PainterBox Soft Cartoon

Create a soft cartoon with just one click

This tool create beautiful soft cartoon like photos, and also you can maintain activated the black & white layer to have a charcoal effect over the result picture.

We release a new Photoshop Panel PainterBox, where you can use our actions, also you are not longer limited by a photo dimensions, the panel take care of that, create the calculations according to the photo size, also change the Bit depth if it’s required.

PainterBox it’s 100% free and right now we have some free new effects to download one of them let you choose the size of the pixel to create a cool “dotted pixel photo”

All our actions are going to be updated today to work with this new panel, for this we redesign some of them and improve others.

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