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Paint Pro 5 Free

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    Tue Jul 02 2019
Paint Pro 5

Paint Pro 5 for free download

Paint Pro 5 present 4 actions inspired on realistic paint techniques: Pastel Colors, Acrylic Paint, Pencil (Pencil with watercolor) and Detailed Acrylic Paint
No matter how many times you use the action you’re not going to have the same result, and is the most close attempt to bring realistic paint or drawings to photoshop with just one click.
Every action was tested on a variety of photographies and check for every detail on the brush used for all the techniques, you can see the the pencil lines, the black charcoal going out the lines and the irregular traces on every finished paint, this actions have a big effort behind to bring some quality actions.
Check out the video on the gallery you can see there how the action works, also how the paint comes to life layer by layer, and how every pencil line is drawn.

Paint Pro 5 for free download with high speed download Click on Google Drive Download button for free download

To Install just double click the files .atn and .tpl and go to your actions panel, you don’t need rename, neither create anything, just open your photo, select the style, and press play, that’s all

The actions don’t depend of any plugin included in photoshop, and was created and tested on Photoshop CC 2015.5 and since don’t depend of any other plugin can work on previous photoshop versions, was created to work with photos of 5600 x 3900 px and lower. Currently the action only works on RGB photos on an English language environment