Oceanwide Font

Oceanwide Font

Oceanwide Font

A font perfect for not just one, but many projects! Introducing Pro, a sans that loves to be used in just about any situation! Designed with ultra clean lines and versatility in mind, Oceanwide wants to be your new favorite sans!

Oceanwide’s ultra clean letters work anywhere you want to communicate orderliness and competence, and designed to build trust and rapport with your audience. Its wide proportions make it ideal for display and logo use.

Oceanwide especially shines for white/bright letters on black/dark backgrounds! That’s because the inside shapes are nearly perfect circles in many weights.

We’ve tested Oceanwide for these industries, with stunning results!:

  • Tech
  • Arts
  • Fashion & Style
  • Business & Branding
  • Corporations
  • Logistics
  • Architecture
  • Food
  • and many more…

Oceanwide can be used for:

  • Headers
  • Subheadlines
  • Logos
  • Even body text, if tracked.
  • Print & Screen

The styles it can take are also many. It’s great for:

  • Modern/minimalist design
  • Flat design
  • Cut out design
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Technical designs
  • In combination with text effects, even for grunge and other situations.
  • And many others…


  • Simplicity
  • Tall x-height
  • Hand-sloped obliques (italics)
  • Narrow spacing
  • Semi-wide proportions
  • Expert kerning
  • Well proportioned, usable lights & extra lights
  • Large caps
  • Uppercase punctuation
  • Uppercase spacing with California Type Foundry’s Smart Tracking™
  • Advanced fraction support
  • Proportional lining figures
  • Thick joins
  • Smooth curves
  • Sturdy—great for textures and effects
  • Variable font available
  • Latin Pro character set for Central European languages. That’s the writing for over 782 languages and transliterations worldwide

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