NATE Cam E-Chrome Collection

NATE Cam E-Chrome Collection

NATE Cam E-Chrome Collection

To get a really great photo, there are so many things that have to go right.

You have to have the right equipment: the camera, the lens, the tripod, the flash…
You have to have the right circumstances: the location, the time of day, the weather…
You have to have the right settings: the composition, the shutter speed, the aperture, the ISO…

But even with all of this done right, you still won’t have a great photo if you don’t have great post-processing.

Because your clients, your followers and your friends – they only see the final result.

“I’ve been trying forever in Lightroom to get just the right look for my photos…”

Maybe you can relate to this: after spending $1,000s on a new camera, $100s on new lenses, and toiling endlessly in Lightroom, your photos are still missing something. You still aren’t getting the look you want.

I hear this a lot from photographers:

  • “My photos always feel like they’re lacking something – but I don’t know what exactly”
  • “I’m having a really hard time getting the colors and  tones I want in Lightroom. What am I doing wrong?”
  • “I’m kind of stuck in a loop in Lightroom. I keep editing my photos again and again and I’m never really happy with them.”

The problem isn’t you (or your photos). The problem is the system. You see, the default settings in Lightroom are NOT meant to make your photos look good – they are made to make them look neutral. This is a massive departure from analog film – where each film was carefully designed to bring out the light and color of each shot in ways that were aesthetically pleasing.

“Honestly, I had no idea my photos could look this good. I’m in love with these tones.”

How much more satisfied would you be with your photos if you could get gorgeous analog tones again and again? How amazing would it be to hear clients, followers & fellow photographers praising the colors and tones of your photos?

Just imagine what you could do with your photos if you had: 

  • Breathtaking skin tones
  • Stylish Wedding film styles
  • Gorgeous fashion photography tones, with rich, lush palettes.
  • Classic landscape tones, from sun-drenched vistas to dramatic landscapes.
  • Moody Street vibes, like Fuji Superia, with perfect cross-processing and fade

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