Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Presets v2.0

Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Presets v2.0

Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Presets v2.0

I used to spend countless hours tweaking other presets to get this look. It has drastically cut my editing time! It’s the definition of moody, not muddy. I would definitely recommend it!” – Kayla, Hamilton, ON. Get a dark and moody look with this pack.

Mastin Labs Portra Pushed Photography Presets are the perfect foundation for dark and moody portraits. With warm tones and high contrast, the Portra Pushed pack is ideal for boudoir, indoor lifestyle, and adventure elopements.

Presets included: Portra 160+1, Portra 160+2, Portra 400+1, Portra 400+2, Portra 800+1, Portra 800+2

Tools Included: Custom White Balance, Lens Correction, Tone Profiles, Grain

The original dark and moody look.

Portra 800+1: Balanced and natural, Portra 800+1 is a medium saturated look with higher contrast and purple shifts in the shadows for a stylized and edgy feeling.

Portra 800+2: This looks takes the look of Portra 800+1 and pushes the shadows even further for the ultimate moody look.

Portra 400+1: Warm-toned with medium contrast, Portra 400+1 is an extremely flexible look with deep, rich color with clean tones.

Portra 400+2: An evolution on Portra 400+1 but with increased red and orange shifts in the shadows for an editorial look.

Portra 160+1: Neutral with medium contrast, Portra 160+1 is a flexible look with low saturation and tones that lean towards reds and brown.

Portra 160+2: A progression on Portra 160+1, Portra 160+2 has increased red tones and flatness in the shadows.

With increased contrast and subtle color shifts in the shadows, the Portra Pushed pack emulates the beauty of pushed film. This pack is ideal for clean and moody street photography, portraits, weddings, and fashion photography

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