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Lightroom Mobile Moody Teal & Orange

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    By admin
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    Tue Apr 13 2021
Lightroom Mobile Moody Teal & Orange

Lightroom Mobile Moody Teal & Orange

Cut your Post-production Lightroom editing time in half or even more, simply by applying a one-click preset edit. Inside this pack, you get all 30 exclusive lightroom mobile preset I’ve been using this past year on all of my photos.

All you have to do is choose your favorite photos and click one button and lightroom takes care of the rest. It’s that simple to get a teal and orange cinematic look to your photos as well as the other awesome presets I’ve included helping you enhance your color grading and ramp up editing speeds.

30 Uniques Lr Mobile presets ranging from teal and orange to moody teals now it’s your turn to apply the editing style that I have been crafting for the past two years to get the sharpest compositions in post without worrying about losing image quality.

Start editing with these awesome presets from DREW DELTZ

  • Free Easy Installation Guide
  • 30 Lightroom Mobile Presets ( .DNG )
  • Cinematic Color grading
  • Moody Teals
  • Warm Orange Tones
  • Midnight Tones
  • Travel/Lifestyle/Urban/Automotive/Street/Fashion