Kreativ Wedding – Matt Lightroom Presets

Kreativ Wedding - Matt Lightroom Presets

Kreativ Wedding – Matt Lightroom Presets

From now we are offering our Pastel and Matt presets in one bundle. The Kreativ Wedding Pastel presets { Vol. 1 } come with 12 presets, 6 colour presets and the complimentary 6 monochrome presets. We have named them after our brides. The presets can be used with Nikon and also Canon images, images taken with Canon cameras have a little more magenta which is why there are Nikon colour & Canon Colour filters but you can use the filters on both systems. The kreativ wedding Matt presets { Vol. 2 } have been intensively reworked, in particular “Sonia” “Lena” & “Saskia” are our favourite-Matt-Presets. This packet consists of 12 matt presets plus 2 other clean edits, 2 monochrom presets and then again, ‘one click’ grain in light, medium or strong.

In total there are 28 presets which you can play around with as your mood suits you. The presets have been calibrated for Nikon but have been tested Canon and Sony cameras function exactly like our fists presets. Once payment has been received, you will be sent a download link via email. Create a new folder in Lightroom and import the presets to the folder. Important: Have fun

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