Kanit Font Family

Kanit Font Family

Kanit Font Family For Free Download

Kanit indicates mathematics in Thai, as well as the Kanit typeface household is usually a formal Loopless Thai and Sans Latin design and style. It truly is a mixture of ideas, mixing a Humanist Sans Serif motif with the curves of Capsulated Geometric designs that makes it suitable for a variety of makes use of, modern and futuristic. A notable detail is that the stroke terminals have flat angles, which enables the design and style to enjoy decreased spacing between letters whilst preserving readability and legibility at smaller sized point sizes.

In Thai typeface design the formal loopless Thai typefaces have a lot more straightforward forms than the conservative looped Thai designs, and this simplification must be carried out properly in an effort to preserve the critical character of each and every letter. Sizes and positions of vowels and tone marks have to be managed carefully simply because they are all relevant to readability, legibility, and all round textures. When designing Kabit, special care was taken with some groups of letters which include ? ? ? ? ?, ? ?, ? ?, and ? ? to make sure they may be distinct and legible, since it could possibly bring about confusion if each glyph is just not clear enough.

Kanit is the 1st Thai font household to be hinted with TTFAutohint, an easy-to-use hinting tool that’s highly recommended.
The Kanit project is led by Cadson Demak, a kind foundry in Thailand.

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