Inkydeals – TemplateZilla Super Premium Typographic Templates + 10 Superb Fonts

TemplateZilla: Super Premium Typographic Templates & 10 Superb Fonts

TemplateZilla: Super Premium Typographic Templates & 10 Superb Fonts For Free Download

These typography templates are so beautiful, but in the same time so insanely simple, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think about this before. First of all, you’d be losing money if you would try to create them from scratch.How come? That’s easy. Even though these templates look simple, it would take you precious hours to create them. Let’s say it would take you half an hour to draw one. Multiply that by 80 and you get 40 hours of work.

And that’s for the templates alone. Don’t forget that on top of that, you’ll get 10 superb handcrafted fonts together with their original .Ai files!

And all that for the incredible price on only $39 $19! Now think about how much you would charge for creating these resources.

And speaking of that. This entire set also comes with an extended license, meaning you can use it in unlimited personal and commercial purposes and even in merchandise without any additional fees!

Pretty cool, isn’t it? And there’s no problem even you already got this deal and figured out it’s not what you need, because we have a 200% money-back guarantee. If this set doesn’t rise up to your expectations, you get all your money back AND keep the source files!

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