FILM NOIR Pro Lightroom Preset

FILM NOIR Pro Lightroom Preset

FILM NOIR Pro Lightroom Preset

Highlight & Shadow

Our Film Noir Lightroom Presets add instant drama to any photo with deep shadows, soft highlights, and rich color

How to Install Lightroom Presets

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your photos to the next level, look no further. Our Film Noir Lightroom Presets are easy to use and can quickly transform inject any scene with bold colors and visual interest.

Classic Film Noir Look

Film noir is all about setting a mood and telling a story. We’ve included 10 distinct looks that can help your images bring a scene to life.

Precision Coloring

Lightroom Classic is a powerful tool for coloring images. Our Lightroom Presets take full advantage, precisely adding colors to the highlights, midtones, and shadows of any photo

Protect Skin Tones

Some color presets can cause skin to look unnatural. Our presets are designed by a team of professional image creators, with a focus on adding style without damaging the delicate skin tones of your subjects.

Preset Pack

Our Film Noir Preset Pack includes 10 distinct looks, each with its own color palette. Whether you want to add deep reds to a portrait or steely blues into an urban landscape, we’ve got looks that will help you get there.

Fully Customizable

The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve applied one of our Film Noir Presets. Use them as they come or as a starting point to create your own cinematic look with the powerful coloring tools in Lightroom Classic

Custom-made Looks

Designed by a team of professional image creators, our presets will provide powerful looks with polished results–and all in just a few clicks!

Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile

Our Preset Packs are designed to work with Lightroom Mobile and any version of Lightroom Classic. No matter what you use to create great images, our presets can help you get there

Install & Get Started

Follow along with the included video tutorial where Aaron guides you through the process of installing and using our PHLEARN Lightroom Presets into both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile

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