Felt POP-UP Book Maker

Felt POP-UP Book Maker

free download Felt POP-UP Book Maker

Felt POP-UP Book Maker is a Photoshop Action set that will help you to build realistic Felt POP-UP books easily and will minify your efforts in creating high-quality products that will help you in your business.

By popular demand, updated to the compatibility with the earlier Photoshop versions. Now works from CS6 to CC2019.


“Felt POP-UP Book Maker” compatible with CS6 to CC2019 Photoshop versions


  1. High Resolution Felt Book PSD file
  2. 30 premade colors for every book page
  3. Ability to choose a custom colors for the book pages
  4. Handmade High Resolution Textures
  5. Custom color for every generated felt object.
  6. 30 premade colors for every generated felt object
  7. Dynamic stitch apply
  8. Custom colors for the stitching
  9. Creating custom path lines for the stitching
  10. Directions for generated objects
    1. lies on a surface
    2. standing front
    3. overlay for standing front
    4. standing right
    5. overlay for standing right
    6. standing left
    7. overlay for standing left

What’s included into the package?

  1. felt-book.psd – file that contains felt book
  2. .ATN – the set of all actions you need
  3. .ASL – file with styles that needed for action
  4. .ABR – file with brushes that needed for action
  5. Documentation.PDF

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