Fastpen Font Family

Fastpen Font Family

Fastpen Font Family

Fastpen is a script typeface based on fast handwritten pen strokes. It has 4 weights, each emulates a pen/brush thickness (0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm and 4mm).

It is meant to create a realistic handwritten look with a lot of contextual alternates that capture the quirks of writing. There are many substitutions happening automatically (make sure you activate “contextual alternates”) to give you the most seamless workflow.

Collision fixes, initial and medial glyph substitution, happen automatically, terminal forms are also available but need to be activated separately.

The fonts also have a built in stylistic set (ss01) if you want to type uppercase only text.

Energetic, joyful, with long elegant ascenders and extravagant swash capitals. Each thickness can give slightly different feelings, from the thinest (0.5mm) very delicate one to the more impactful one (4mm).

Fastpen has an extensive language support, so pretty much every European language is covered

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