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Esteban Font

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Esteban is a typeface intended to become employed in texts, specially literature and poetry. Its a serif font with medium contrast, tall x height, medium compression, and robust serifs. It gives character, readability and economy.

One of the most critical capabilities of Esteban is its stroke, that loses or gains weight inside the stems. This feature was defined from the manuscripts of Jorge Alfredo Díaz Esteban, a writer who made use of a tool that will generate modulated strokes. This means the stroke width varies resulting from the pressure in the pen around the paper, and this high quality makes it possible for the font to possess a presence around the web page that makes texts more dynamic. The precise amount of contrast was decided by experimenting with numerous ‘colors’ of density that emerge in text settings. This permits Esteban to attain great performance even in medium and low good quality prints and as a web font.

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