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Escher Ribbon FX – Photoshop Add-On free

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    By admin
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    Thu Apr 25 2019

Create incredible effects and amaze your customers and audience with cool artworks that you can realize quickly and with ease

Works with Adobe Photoshop, in any Language

These ActionScripts have been tested and work with Adobe Photoshop CS5,CS6,CC2015CC2017CC2018, CC2019 in any language. They have not been tested in ANY language so there’s a small possibility of bugs for arabic or chinese languages. 

Very Easy to Install and Play With

The code is designed to work with any image, at any resolution and depth. The final result will be in RGB Mode 8-bit regardless of the starting format: remember you can switch back to your settings once the Actionscript have finished.

In case your starting photo is inferior to 3000 pixels it will be resized in order for the Filters and Pattern Deco Scripts to work correctly and always give you a good result.

The Scripts will behave differently basing on your Canvas Ratio: if the Document is very wide the ribbons will have less curvature.

Some Manual Adjustments will always be necessary

Check the really quick Video Tutorial and the Video Demo to watch how this Extension works.

It’s going to be necessary to adjust the ribbons in the back most of the times, and the Transparency between the user Selection and the orignal photo must be made manually (3:36 at the video tutorial). The subject is isolated from the background, the spheres are Vector Smart Objects and the final Document is prepared to create this specific effect.

Depending on your Image and add your own colors and extra detail to really create something polished and professional. In a couple of clicks you will have several artworks to choose from!