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Emilio Serif Font Family

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    Tue Jul 04 2023
Emilio Serif Font Family

Emilio Serif Font Family

Emilio Serif Font is a serif typeface inspired by the beauty of modern serifs, fused with modern appeal to cater to contemporary needs. It’s an elegant typeface with friendly and warm personality which seeks a balance between traditional and modern.

Emilio is inspired by the visuality of the 1980s and the typefaces that were widely used in advertising at the time, such as Times and Garamond. However, Emilio offers a contemporary take on the serif font family, introducing new elements such as reductive, calligraphy-inspired details or the “K” and “R” legs shape.

If you want a more traditional look, you can achieve it with the stylistic alternatives available. Of course, the typeface also provides standard and discretionary ligatures and many other Open Type features. In addition, it offers support for most Latin languages.

The big headlines and titles are where Emilio shines the most, but due to large x-height and subtle contrast, Emilio will work for smaller text as well. It is the ideal typeface for editorial design, posters, covers, branding and much more