Dropper Box Mockup v. 30ml-C

Dropper Box Mockup v. 30ml-C

Dropper Box Mockup v. 30ml-C

Volume 30ml-C Plus || Premium quality mockup for 30ml (1 oz) round boston dropper glass bottle and its cylinder box. For essential oil, serum, CBD oil, Hemp oil, fragrance, vape eliquid and other usage. This mockup offers a wide range of customization such as 2 lid types, several bottle types (amber, cobalt blue, clear, green, red), liquid coloring, 2 box textures as well as glossy and semi-glossy reflections.

Perfect for:

  • Product image for Amazon, Shopify or any online shop.
  • Showcasing your label design for essential oil, serum, CBD oil, Hemp oil, fragrance, vape eliquid and pretty much any type of product that goes into a 30ml/1oz dropper bottle.

Lid Types:

  • Plain Metallic
  • Ribbed Plastic

Bottle Types:

  • Clear Bottle
  • Colored Bottle

Included are 5 common color presets to choose from:

  • Clear
  • Amber
  • Red
  • Green
  • Cobalt Blue

(Manufacturers are familiar with these colors, don’t worry if your client asks about the possibility of manufacturing bottles with such colors)

Additionally, you can custom color the bottle (Check with the manufacturer about the possibility of custom colors for the bottle)

Custom color choice for:

  • Plastic lid
  • Metallic lid
  • Dropper tip (upper part of the lid)
  • Glass bottle
  • Liquid (with clear bottle)

Box and label Types:

  • Cardboard or kraft paper
  • Coated glossy/semi-glossy paper
  • Transparent (for bottle label only)

Label usage:

  • Plain graphic (opaque) to emulate Solid label
  • Transparent graphic to emulate Transparent label

Reflection sets:

  • Glossy
  • Semi-glossy

(Reflection can be changed for each element separately, except the glass bottle)

Very easy to use:

  • Double click on the Smart Objects
  • Place your label and box designs, Save
  • Choose the desired options for the lid, liquid and bottle


  • 3000x3000px / 300 dpi
  • Smart Object
  • Editable reflections (Through changing the opacity of reflection layers)
  • Shadows ON/OFF
  • Fill or TRANSPARENT background

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