Bookseller Cp Reduced Font

Bookseller Cp Reduced Font

Bookseller Cp Reduced Font

Bookseller Cp is a typeface designed for books and legible text at a smaller sizes. This typeface is the reinterpretation of a sample found in a French book, published between 1882 and 1893 and its author —Ernest Michel— lived between 1837 and 1896. This sample has influence from Didot, Scotch Roman and Clarendon (typefaces which were in use at that time). This reinterpretation expands the basic set for the contemporary era.

Bookseller Cp includes small caps, old style figures, lining figures, fractions and basic Cyrillic alphabet. Everything in 3 different optical widths. You can save some lines with Reduced weight or fill some lines with Ample weight. All of them with italicsbold and bold italics

By the way you can expand Bookseller Cp family with the Book size family, which includes 12 fonts for legibility at small sizes. Subhead & Title sizes are now in development.

Finally this typeface was the result of the course Digital Reinterpretation of Classic Typography by Oscar Guerrero Cañizares at Domestika

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