Balaclava Cartoon Photoshop Plugin

Balaclava - Cartoon Photoshop Plugin

Balaclava – Cartoon Photoshop Plugin

Balaclava Features:

Your portrait will move to the next level with those features:

  • Modern Photoshop plugin design.
  • Easy o use in a few elicks.
  • 04 Editable cartoon effects.
  • Face detecting Algorithms.
  • 05 Editable face styles.
  • With or without mask.
  • 08 Editable backgrounds.
  • 20 Colors effects.
  • 100% Editable cartoon effect

Welcome! Balaclava is a powerful Photoshop plugin that uses specific techniques to give you the most modern, professional, and attractive Cartoon Effects and face styles in a few clicks and in seconds, With Balaclava, you’ve multi choices in a sense of your image, you’ve 04 cartoon styles, you can use your favorite depend on your image:

  • Soft Cartoon: created for the law bright and sharpening images.
  • Semi Cartoon: created for the semi sharpening images.
  • Illustrated Cartoon: created for the perfect images & it’s the recommended choice.
  • Hard Cartoon: created for the hight bright and the hight sharpening images.

Balaclava supports the smart algorithm that provided with Photoshop to detect your face and give the facial features another look suitable with the cartoon effect added, we already create 05 face styles which work with any face detected:

  • Smile Face: Will add a cool smile in your face.
  • Large Face: Will transform your face to a good look large face.
  • Anime Face: Will add a cool anime effect in your face features.
  • Angry Face: Will add perfect angry styles to your face.
  • Slim Face: Will Transform your face to a good look slim face.

Balaclava supports the images with a mask or without the mask, no limits always work fine with any images, but the images without the mask doesn’t support the editable backgrounds

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