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Avenir Next Font

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    Thu Sep 12 2019
avenir next font

Avenir Next font (1988) is a revised edition of Avenir font. For most of the font, the differences are very small. The most important improvements are the italic style, the introduction of different weights, widths and the addition of language support.

Adrian Frutiger has developed the Avenir Next family in partnership with Monotype Font Manager Akira Kobayashi. Avenir Next font quickly gained popularity because it was one of the strongest Sans-serif fonts out there. Many designers appreciated and used it in their web design and graphics projects.

Later, the Avenir Next font version launch in twenty-four separate types including Standard, Italic, Simplified and Simplified Italic versions. Readable and highly versatile, many designers have welcomed the Avenir Next font logo for a wide variety of diverse initiatives.

avenir next font


Adrian Frutiger is very popular for his achievements in the design of fonts. Quite artistic from an early age Frutiger keep experimenting in painting and designing traditional cursive writing.

It is doubtful that the Univers series font was created as a response to the Futura typeface.

Preferring a more realistic approach to typeface design, so he convinced Charles Peignot, to construct a new typeface focused on specific standards.

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Avenir Next font Usage

  • The Avenir next font is immediately effective in printing and became popular with its extended set of characters.
  • Due to its excellent readability, LG uses the Avenir Next style on mobile phone buttons.
  • British news channel BBC2 changed its corporate typeface from the Gill Sans font to the Avenir Next font version.
  • Many organizations have included this font for usage in their official literature.
Avenir Next Font

Download Avenir Next Font free

Avenir Next font belongs to the group Platinum and comes with four typing units. As well as the success of its parent style Avenir font, it comes in standard, italic and simplified italic, each fitted with 6 similar type weights..

If you know how to take control of the graphic fundamentals then you should start using a font like Avenir next. There are many other fonts, but the style and practical feel that this font brings to the graphic designs cannot match any font.

There are many opportunities to use this beautiful font. One of the big factors to use this font is that it allows the text styles more professional. From here you can download the Avenir Next font directly without any payments It is free

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