Architecture Watercolor 2.0 – Photoshop Tool

Architecture Watercolor 2.0 - Photoshop Tool

Architecture Watercolor 2.0 – Photoshop Tool

Welcome! If you are looking for a professional watercolor effect, and you don’t have time to spend hours and hours on 01 effects per 01 images, you are in the right place, we provide Architecture Watercolor Photoshop Tool that will do the right job for you, you’ll have the access to a smart photoshop plugin to generate a mask in 01 clicks for your image (For Photoshop CC2018+), and apply the effect in 01 clicks without loading resources, without worry about the presets and everything! you’ll have a great watercolor effect in high resolution and powerful result and fully editable layers, folders, and adjustments. you’ll have the access to the video tutorial that comes with the plugin to show you how to use install the plugin, use it, and edit the final result.

The effect comes with multi choices to improve your final result, great features to edit the small details in your output, and you’ll get unlimited different results every time you apply the effect. don’t rush to any effect that will spend your time and get a not good result, you have the smart tool in your hand, so jump with your photos to the next level

With the organized folders and layers, you can manage your result by editing:

  1. Custom Background
  2. Watercolor Global Effects
  3. Sketch Effects
  4. Lines Effects
  5. Lines Textures
  6. Splatters
  7. Tone Correctors
  8. +20 Colors FX

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