Apple iPhone & iOS Filters profiles

Apple iPhone & iOS Filters profiles

Apple iPhone & iOS Filters profiles

Meet the brand new tools – Enhanced profiles to use in Adobe Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop 1.4 – 4.0 and later, Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3/10.0 and later, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3/13.0 and later, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.3/ 2021 v22.0 and later with Camera RAW plug-in, Lightroom Mobile 1.3/4.0 via sync and later.

!!! Not compatible with the older versions of Lightroom (1-7.2, like CC2015.5 and ACR below 10.3), it’s not possible to recreate the profiles as the presets, so please check the version of the software before buying. Again, you need April 2018 release (Lightroom v1.3, Lightroom Classic v7.3, ACR 10.3) or later. Sorry No Refunds.

Develop your RAW and Non-RAW images simulating the current and discontinued filters of the Apple iPhones, also emulate the iOS Core Image Filters.
Get the awesome colors, mood, and atmosphere.
All profiles are made in the Display P3 Color mode, used in the iPhones and iPads.

Vivid increases the photo’s contrast, which can be great for capturing sunsets and other natural landscapes.
Vivid Warm increases the photo’s contrast and overlays warm tones, which can be flattering for self-portraits and photos of other people.
Vivid Cool increases the photo’s contrast and overlays cool tones, which works best for flat-lay photos and capturing darker scenery.
Dramatic increases the photo’s shadows and decreases highlights, which adds a layer of intensity to portraits and up-close images of objects.
Dramatic Warm increases the photo’s shadows, decreases the highlights, and overlays warm tones, which looks great in photos taken right after sunset or right before sunrise.
Dramatic Cool increases the photo’s shadows, decreases the highlights, and overlays cool tones, which can be visually appealing for beach photos and foggy landscapes.
Mono makes the photo black and white, which can add sharpness to a slightly out-of-focus image.
Silvertone makes the monochrome and increases the shadows, which is wonderful for city images and dramatic portraits.
Noir makes the photo black and white and increases the contrast, which pairs well with cloudy sceneries and photos in low lighting.

Chrome imitates vintage photography film with exaggerated color.
Fade imitates vintage photography film with diminished color.
Instant imitates vintage photography film with distorted colors.
Mono iPhone 6 imitates black-and-white photography film with low contrast.
Noir iPhone 6 imitates black-and-white photography film with exaggerated contrast.
Process imitates vintage photography film with emphasized cool colors.
Tonal imitates black-and-white photography film without significantly altering contrast.
Transfer imitates vintage photography film with emphasized warm colors.

Sepia Tone maps the colors of an image to various shades of brown.
Color Clamp modifies color values to keep them within a specified range.
Color Controls adjusts saturation, brightness, and contrast values.
Color Matrix multiplies source color values and adds a bias factor to each color component.
Color Polynomial modifies the pixel values in an image by applying a set of cubic polynomials.
Linear to sRGB Tone Curve maps color intensity from a linear gamma curve to the sRGB color space.
sRGB Tone Curve to Linear maps color intensity from the sRGB color space to a linear gamma curve.
Vibrance adjusts the saturation of an image while keeping pleasing skin tones.
Spot Color replaces one or more color ranges with spot colors.
and some others

Apple iPhone 7 – 12 Camera Filters:

  • Vivid
  • Vivid Warm
  • Vivid Cool
  • Dramatic
  • Dramatic Warm
  • Dramatic Cool
  • Mono
  • Silvertone
  • Noir

Apple iPhone 6 Camera Filters:

  • Chrome
  • Fade
  • Instant
  • Mono iPhone 6
  • Noir iPhone 6
  • Process
  • Tonal
  • Transfer

iOS Core Image Filters:

  • Sepia Tone
  • Color Clamp
  • Color Controls
  • Color Matrix
  • Color Polynomial
  • Color Cross Polynomial
  • Color Cube Red
  • Color Cube Green
  • Color Cube Blue
  • Color Cube with ColorSpace
  • Color Map Variant
  • Color Monochrome Variant
  • False Color
  • Spot Color Variant
  • Linear to sRGB Tone Curve
  • sRGB Tone Curve to Linear


  • Night Mode
  • Night Selfie (LiDAR Depth sensing)
  • Intensity
  • Smart HDR Intensity
  • Brilliance
  • Vibrance
  • Color Max

Black & White:

  • Grayscale
  • Black & White
  • Intensity Black & White Max
  • Intensity Black & White Min
  • Black & White Neutrals Max
  • Black & White Neutrals Min

In the package you will get:

  • 46 Enhanced profiles (.xmp) compatible with Lightoom 1.3+, Lightroom Classic 7.3 + , ACR 10.3 +, Lightroom Mobile (when syncing with desktop app),
  • Zip archive to use in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop 1.4 – 4.0+, Lightroom Classic 7.5 – 10.0+,
  • Installing and Using Single or Multiple Enhanced profiles in LR and ACR (.pdf).

How to use:

  • Profiles are non-destructive and can be changed without loss of quality.
  • Suitable for RAW and Non-RAW (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.) images.
  • Suitable for Color and Monochrome images.
  • Can be viewed in the Preset Browser.
  • Easily customizable with Amount slider. You may make the finishing touches as well.
  • Compatible with Mac, and PC.
  • Easy to install.
  • Use of multiple profiles in your workflow

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