Real Paint FX – Photoshop Add-On

An amazing ActionScript for Adobe Photoshop CC+ 
multilingual – works with any Image

Real Paint FX Photoshop add-on extension is a popular photo effect used to create a realistic painting-like image. It is a very simple tool and is compatible with Photoshop CC language which means anybody can use it. The procedure to enable this effect on your image is further simpler. All you need to do is, install the effect and run the script on the image of your choice, and your picture will be a beautiful painting in no time.
The outcome of the picture will depend solely on the proportions and size of your image.

Easy to Install

All you need is the video demo and you will master the art of using this effect for your images. Since it is such a powerful tool, you only need to apply “ Paint FX” on the image of your choice and the animation will be automatically created. You can also adjust the depth and the abstraction of the picture with a few clicks and settings.

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