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500 Presets Lightroom Mobile

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    Wed Oct 07 2020
500 Presets Lightroom Mobile

500 Presets Lightroom Mobile

About the Product


This kit is exclusive for bloggers and people who want to make their social networks wonderful! Our files have been optimized with “small” DNG to be able to transfer more quickly to lightroom Mobile

This Our Kit exclusive for cell phones only if you want to computer I see our kit 1000 presets

Presets are meant for portrait photographers to create a beautiful portfolio and have a consistent color palette. Presets work great with any types of portrait, food, instagram, still

Professional photo editing in just one click. Save time and money!

500 Pro Lightroom Mobile Presets

Well organized

30 Food Stylling

30 Gestante

30 HDR Pro

30 White

30 Magic Lights

40 Noturnas

30 P&B

30 Pop Colors

50 Fashion Pro Colors

30 Portraiture

50 Casamento

50 Newborn

30 Vintage Matte

30 Vintage Pastel

30 Vintage Filmes 35mm