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144 Photo Masks + Vector Shapes free

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    By admin
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    Thu Jul 11 2019
144 Photo Masks + Vector Shapes

144 Photo Masks + Vector Shapes For Free Download

  • Layered photoshop file with 144 masks as Vector Smart Object; just paste your photo and toggle on and off different layers to see which mask suits your photo best. Double click on preview 3 to see all masks.
  • XL Layered photoshop file including 9 adjustable texture and subtle grunge layers to give your design a vintage/worn look (A3/200ppi – 2339x3307px) Double click and scroll on preview 2 & 4 to see some examples.
  • all 144 masks as a vector (illustrator CS5)
  • all vector shapes with unexpended paths so you can edit and play around endlessly
  • a text file with instructions


144 masks to make your photos look fresh and different

Spice up your instagram photos with a unique graphic touch. The included subtle textures make your photos look outstanding and professional.