12 Silver Pearl Lightroom Presets

12 Silver Pearl Lightroom Presets

Sometimes darkening and adding gray and beige colors can improve your photo.

This preset is designed for those who want to have beautiful looking images with bronzed skin. It has been tested on countless images.

Includes 12 different presets with different tone, exposure, etc. With these different choices, you can find a suitable preset.

—–This set includes—–

-12 Unique lightroom mobile presets (.dng file) 

-1 installation guide For Lightroom Mobile preset (.pdf file)

-12 Unique Lightroom Desktop Preset (.lrtemplate file)

-1 installation guide for desktop lightroom presets (.pdf file)

—–More details about these presets—–

-Works with free Lightroom mobile App

-Compatible with iPhone and Android device

-Instantly download the digital file

-Fully Compatible with Lightroom 4-7+ Both CC Versions

-Works on RAW and JPEG images

-100% adjustable and customizable Lightroom presets

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