110 Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle

110 Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle

110 Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle

Perfect Black Lightroom Presets

Includes 9 Perfect Black Presets including: Bright, Colour, Dark, Excellence, and Glamour.

Film Styles Lightroom Presets

Includes 17 Film Style Presets: 6 Color Film Presets – Autochrome, Ilford Dia, Kodachrome, Lomo, Opalotype, and Pinhole Camera. 11 Black & White Presets – Ansel Adams, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford Delta, Ilford FP4, Ilford HP5, Ilford PanF, Ilford SFX, Lomography, Opalotype, Pinhole Camera, and Simon Chaput.

Colour Lush Lightroom Presets

Includes 30 color grading and enhancing Presets:

  • 20 Selective Color enhancing and diminishing for blue, green, purple, red, and yellow
  • 10 Color Presets including Bring, Dark, Glamour, Lips, Plush, Prince, and Vampire

Inspired Lightroom Presets

Includes 29 Inspired Lightroom Presets: Color: A Tad More, Air, Amber & Blue, Aquamarine, Blue Steel, Gold, Ilford Dia, Lomo, Lustrous, Nude Silhouette, Pearl, Powder, Softness, Spring, Street. B&W: Cross Roads, Good Evening, Ilford Delta, Jazz, Lomo, Magazine, Skin Luminance, So Warm, Street, Summertime, The Ansel Adams, The Cafe, The Simon Chaput, You’re Glowing.

Matte Finish Presets

Includes 25 Professional Matte Finish Lightroom Presets: 25 Matte Finish Lightroom presets include: Affection, Ambient, B&W Clear, B&W Ghostly, B&W Hard, B&W Matte, B&W Mono, Basic Matte, Blonde, Cooling, Crossroads, Desaturation, Desert, Flat Matte, Glacial, Ice Cold, Luminance, Plum, Punch Blue, Punch Red, Radiant, Rapture, Rich Matte, Soft, Starlet

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