Work Shirt with Short Sleeves Mock-Up

Work Shirt with Short Sleeves Mock-Up

Work Shirt with Short Sleeves Mock-Up

This is a mock-up of a standard industrial work shirt with short sleeves that is used as a uniform in many professions like mechanic, gas station attendant, restaurant waiter and even a uniform for a bowling team.

By purchasing this mock up you will receive 4 Photoshop files showing the work shirt different views. Add your own designs, branding, fabric patterns, by copy and pasting your creations into the designated layers. For detailed instructions please read the Help file 

In the downloaded file you will find:

  • set1.psd
  • set2.psd
  • set3.psd
  • set4.psd
  • Help.pdf

File resolution is 2000 × 2000 px at 72ppi, the color mode is in RGB.

You can open the files in the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020, 2021
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