Sync Font

Sync Font

Sync Font

The Sync font family is a layered system for chromatic typesetting. With its stylistic variety it enables a wide range of eye-catching combinations with colors and patterns.

The very first sketches were inspired by some hand-painted characters on a weathered beach sign at the French Côte d’Argent and currently the font family comes with a total of 28 single fonts.

The primary font »Sync Base« is a powerful, condensed Sans Serif. Sharp cut edges, narrow wedge-shaped counters and low ascenders and descenders make the compact character of the typeface.

In perfect sync with the primary font, the family includes the retro styles Lines, Engravings, Stripes and Shadows and the texture styles Invisible and Jungle. Each one of them with multiple fonts.

As all Sync fonts have the same metrics, they can easily be layered in different colors to create the desired effects by using graphic applications that allow utilizing layers.

Sync fonts work especially well in larger sizes and were designed for large display purposes, covers, branding, packaging, headlines, editorials, advertising, posters and the like.

Check the gallery for examples. By the way, the graphics in some of the visuals come from the Linotype »Picture Yourself™« collection designed by Karin Huschka and Peter Huschka.

Sync & enjoy