Shock Block An Electrifying Neon Horror Font

Shock Block An Electrifying Neon Horror Font

Shock Block An Electrifying Neon Horror Font

An electrifying font powered by science, 80s movies and horror comics.

Boasting an eye-catching design that’s hand-drawn in pen and ink to replicate the look of classic horror comics, 80s movies and Saturday morning cartoons, Shock Block is a highly volatile font powered by experimental science and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity! User be warned, safety goggles are required!

Shock Block is an all-caps design with unique upper and lowercase characters along with numerals, punctuation and language support. It also includes a contrasting ‘Block’ style and a selection of lighting blot symbols and underlines. Customers can also access the free graphic presets via a link in the enclosed PDF that replicate the electric neon look in my visuals.

It’s a unique typeface that’s perfect for movie titles, school projects, presentations, comic books, or anything that could do with extra spark.

Shock Block: An Electrifying Font

  • Shock Block Regular
  • Shock Block Alt
  • Underlines and symbols*
  • Preview PDF (with link to Graphic Presets)

*Assigned to keys: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy

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