Rebrand Font Family

Rebrand Font Family

Rebrand Font Family

Rebrand is all about geometry, a typography that boosts confidence. However, contrary to pure, cold mathematics, this font seeks a more jovial and friendly face. 

The goal with Rebrand is to offer a Geometric Sans Serif font that can work in various instances, from symbols and titles, to text, and everything in between. It also creates a whole lot of personality, ideal for branding. 

There are two versions: 

Display, which is more fluid and dynamic with nine programmed weights for a wide array of intensity. This version also has various alternative characters and swashes.

Text, which has the same attitude as Display, but is a little more serious with seven programmed weights to provide distinctive extremes and subtle variations among the mid-tones. 

Both cover basic Cyrillic and come in small caps. Both create one phenomenal typography: Rebrand

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