Priego Font Family

Priego Font Family

Priego Font Family

Here are timeless Sans created with a bit of playfulness and unstable grotesque. However, clear visibility and balanced contrast, are the main features of all glyphs. This modern Sans font family is designed to complement each other with balanced stem consistency and resisting Alternates. If you want to meet a grotesque with a different feel, try using these Alternates.

Basic Systems

  • 9Weights, 18Styles
  • Italics

OpenType Features

  • Stylistic Alternates – C, G, N, P, S, a, g, s, y (including Latin Extended)
  • Standard Ligatures – ff, ffi, fi, fl
  • Fractions
  • Oldstyle Figures
  • Tabular Figures
  • Circled Numbers

Multilingual Support

  • Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian
  • Basic Cyrillic
  • Ukraine
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