Minigap Font Family

Minigap Font Family

Minigap Font Family

Minigap is a geometric sans serif family that has a minimal height difference between upper and lower case. In other words if you’re into typography, it has a very high x-height… yes, very high.

The choice was made to finally have a typeface that could appear very neat, reducing ascending and descending parts of the glyphs (b, d, g, j, l, …) that could interfere with the lines above and below. All of that without going to extremes in a unicase style but also without renouncing to a great legibility.

This aesthetic, in fact, translates into a pleasant visual effect that creates well-defined lines and enhances the layout, looking excellent on small screens.

A meticulous optical correction, starting from pure geometric lines, was applied to every glyph, aiming to obtain the best version of each.

The pointed corners of capital letters and numbers have been kept even in the heavier styles, to give consistency to the family. You can clearly see how clean they look.

Stylistic alternates are included:

  • “i” and “j” can be set to the x-height, to have a more common aesthetic; by default they are set in the lower version, fitting better the purpose of this typeface.
  • a two-story “a” is also available, to give you one more customizable option and extend the range of use.

Minigap is a universal font, versatile by nature, it can work in countless situations. From physical products such as company material, signage and magazines, to digital environments like apps and websites. Very suitable for embracing a corporate rebrand.

It is available in 14 styles (7 uprights + matching italics), has OpenType features and supports multiple languages.