Halenoir Font Family

Halenoir Font Family

Halenoir Font Family

Composedof 3 sets: Normal, Compact, Expanded.

• Consisting of 3 distinct optical sizes: Display and Text, Expanded.

• Comprises 102 fonts

• Support for 28 languages: 

 Afrikaans Albanian Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German

  Hungarian Icelandic Italian Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Norwegian Polish Portugese Romanian  

 SlovakSlovenian Spanisch Swedish Turkish Zulu Swedish Turkish Zulu

• Contains OpenType features with alternates or substitutes

• Tabular Figures 

• Ordinal numbers 

• 74 icons (It will keep updating.)

• 72 graphic patterns for designer (It will keep updating.)

• 28 brand symbols (It will keep updating.)

• 27 arrows glyphs

• 0-99 line circled glyphs 

• 0-99 solid circled glyphs 

• A-Z line circled glyphs 

• A-Z solid circled glyphs

Halenoir is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch that support for 28 languages. It comes in 10 weights, 102 uprights and its matching outlines, Obliques, pattern, so you can use them to your heart’s content, in each of which there are more than 801+ glyphs. 

Halenoir is composed of 3 types: Original, Compact, Expanded, and each is designed to be suitable for mobile, graphic, and editorial design.

Halenoir comprises 102 fonts, consisting of three distinct optical sizes: Display and Text. Each one has been carefully tailored to the demands of its size. The larger Display versions are drawn to show off the subtlety of Halenoir and spaced with headlines in mind, while the Text sizes focus on legibility, using robust strokes and comfortably loose spaces. In the typeface, each weight includes extended language support, fractions, tabular figures, arrows, ligatures and more. 

Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use. It could easily work for branding, web, signage, corporate as well as for editorial design. documents and folders, mobile interface